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literature & resources

Through the Way, Truth & Life Bible Bookshop, members of the public can benefit from the provision of a variety of literature and resources to advance knowledge of the Christian faith. 

This includes Bibles in a wide range of versions, foreign languages and formats; a broad range of literature that covers social and educational topics and other material that covers Sunday School, Bible Studies, prayer, ethical and moral values and relationships.

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Pastoral Support

Way, Truth & Life Ministries also benefit other ministries and missions throughout England by offering encouragement, prayer and advice on top of financial support where possible.

We support existing charities through the Way, Truth and Life Bible Bookshop including Speaking  Volumes and CLC International, with regular pastoral support for local churches and ministries.

the mission

Finally, we promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the values of love, community,  integrity, humility and faith. All of these things add value to society and are of benefit to humanity.


gifts We sell Gifts

We sell a large selection of gifts & cards in our shop, come and visit us today to see our beautiful selection available in our Wolverhampton shop.

our principles & beliefS

We believe in the Holy Scriptures as originally given by God, divinely inspired, infaliable, entirely trustworthy and the supreme authority in all matters of faith.

Download or view a copy of Our Tenets for more information.

Our mission

WTL Bible Bookshop acts as a mission, providing prayer, advice and much more

WTL Bible Bookshop sell a large range of Bibles, books by Christian authors, music, gifts and cards.

As a charity, all of the money raised is given back to the religious community, whether it's churches or other missions.